Vehicle Graphics—6 Things to Consider When Buying.

12 November 2020By Turbo Images

Vehicle Graphics—6 Things to Consider When Buying.

If you’re buying vehicle graphics—what are the most important things to consider in the buying process? We recommend paying close attention to these six elements:

1. Quality (and appropriateness) of the film. To ensure the best representation of your brand, you’ll want to use the right type of film for the right purposes. There are a variety of films, and it takes expert guidance to help you choose the right one. For a long term initiative, we recommend a durable, high-quality pressure sensitive vinyl film that will protect your graphics from fading caused by lack of UV ray protection and peeling. We like 3M’s graphic films—which are engineered to help protect your brand and investment. You can also use a temporary film for a shorter-term initiative. For more information, read Temp material vs. long term material.

2. Expertise in production and installation. Using the right film won’t matter if the fleet wraps are produced or installed incorrectly. The expertise of your producer/installer is critical for an outcome that realizes your investment. Here’s why you need a CERTIFIED fleet graphics installer.

3. Power of the graphics. Success in fleet graphics isn’t just about the actual wraps…it’s about the design you’re using to garner attention and make connections. Don’t skimp on the design—the visuals and their marketing potential are the whole reason behind the initiative. Here are 8 Tips to visually WOW your audience.

4. The warranty. Turbo Images is a 3M Certified Platinum Supplier for your vehicle wraps. This means that your image will stand the test of time—with the highest quality fleet branding solutions and the best warranty on the market.

5. Your after-market plan and ease of replacement. You want to keep your trailer wraps or bus wraps viable and visible to maximize exposure. This means any necessary repairs will need to get done quickly and efficiently. Some graphics companies may not have the expertise to color match, or the willingness to replace just one panel (instead of all the panels) if damage should occur. At Turbo Images, we want you to look good on the road, and we do everything in our power to make it so. As part of our partnership, we offer an online ordering system and installation around the nation.

6. The fact that it will impact recruitment and morale. Your marketing presence will certainly impact prospects on the road, but it’s easy to forget about who else this effort will impact—your employees and your drivers! If you’re trying to attract great drivers, this will help. (You might consider adding some language about recruitment on your vehicle wrap.) We have seen, again and again, the often-unexpected benefit to employee pride and morale. Fleet graphics will strengthen your company in more ways than one!

If you’re making an investment in vehicle graphics, you don’t have to navigate the details on your own!

At Turbo Images, we will help you make the most informed choices to ensure your fleet graphics go further.

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