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13 March 2020By Turbo Images

Bus driver shortage? We can help

Finding quality drivers can be a challenge—especially when so many companies are competing for them. But don’t forget: You have access to an incredibly effective tool for driver recruitment—your fleet!

Are you using it to attract drivers?

The average American spends more than 20 hours on the road a week.2 Now, just think about how many hours professional drivers (the people you are trying to recruit) spend on the road! 30, 40, 50+! Recruit them where they are!

At Turbo Images, we can work with you to create a well-designed, well-strategized driver recruitment ad that will increase the frequency and caliber of driver applications, giving you a deeper pool to choose from. That’s not all. We can do much better than “Now Hiring Drivers” (although that’s certainly a good start). We can help give your future drivers a great feeling about your company and give them an idea of why they’d want to drive for you instead of others. All through fleet advertising. 98% of people who saw a vehicle graphic said it created a positive company image.1 

Sure, online ads are okay. Newspaper ads too. But unlike with these mediums, you OWN the ad space. Your vehicles are yours! And you should be using them your advantage. Plus, vehicle advertising visibility has a next-level impact… An intra-city truck can generate up to 16 million impressions per year.1 If you want prospective drivers within your route to know that you’re hiring—everywhere you go—for simply the cost of producing and installing a graphic, let us help you. Once your vehicle graphics are up, they do the work for you, at no additional cost. For as long as you want. A constant recruitment tool, working for you.

Ready to harness the power of fleet graphics—for recruiting? Contact Sylvie Pare, Senior Account Executive at (418) 225-7213 or [email protected].

At Turbo Images, we will guide you through the development and implementation of a hiring campaign that works for your business—and we’ll make the process easy.

1 The American Trucking Association