Fleet graphics: Temporary material vs. long term material?

4 June 2020By Turbo Images

Fleet graphics: Temporary material vs. long term material?

When it comes to vehicle graphics and fleet wraps, are you specifying the right material?


Fleet graphics aren’t all printed on one type of film (or at least they shouldn’t be). Did you know that vinyl manufacturers create a variety of films with various types of adhesive? There is a vast array of options to fit a wide spectrum of budgets and durability needs. Sorting through the many options on the market is something your fleet graphics company should advise you on. At Turbo Images, we are all about maximizing your budget and giving you flexibility.

So, fleet managers…know this: When it comes to materials, one type does not suit all! For today, we’ll keep it simple and break the materials down into two general types:

Long term material

If you have a campaign or message you intend to share for many years to come, long term material is the way to go. A high-quality long term material from 3M will give you not only an attractive durable graphic that will last over time—it also provides the option to put short-term material over top, which can be then removed and take you right back to your initial graphic. Great for an ongoing message you wish to retain for 3-5 years or more.

Short term/temporary material

Sometimes you want to spread the word, but don’t need the duration that a long term material would provide you. It certainly doesn’t make sense to invest in a long term film if you’re only going to need the graphic to be visible for 3 months! In this case, a temporary film would be a smart solution. There are some temporary materials that can go over the top of a long term material, giving your fleet extra versatility and providing extra mileage for your marketing budget. Great for shorter-term messages, like promoting special events, conferences, or new products.

The main takeaway here? New graphics don’t always mean replacing your current graphics! And, there are cost-effective solutions that allow you to make your fleet work harder—without compromising your primary fleet graphic visuals. This is something your marketing departments might find very interesting!

With the right materials, you can put a shorter-term graphic on top of a longer-term one, then remove when that need is over. This saves a lot more money than if you were to “switch” vehicle wraps. But you can’t do this with every material…only certain ones.

If this is a possible need for you—make sure your fleet graphics company is aware. This is one of the reasons why having an experienced fleet graphics company is so important. At Turbo Images, fleet graphics is the only thing we do—so that we can bring our customers the highest level of guidance, assurance, and expertise.

At Turbo Images, we don’t just design, produce, install, and remove vehicle advertising. We also work to understand your strategic plan so that we can advise you on how to secure the best graphic solution for your needs and budget.

Want a fleet graphics company that will help you maximize everything? Get in touch.

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