How can bus wraps enhance Universities sports teams and other organization’s marketing efforts with appealing and impactful wrapping that will transform buses in bright moving billboards?

10 September 2021By Turbo Images

How can bus wraps enhance Universities sports teams and other organization’s marketing efforts with appealing and impactful wrapping that will transform buses in bright moving billboards?

Bus wraps can be very powerful for marketing and here's why. Most of the time, advertising is a passive act but nice bus wraps advertising is different! As opposed to bus wrapping, a television spot or billboard is something that customers will look at and decide whether or not to pay attention to, and because they are so common, viewers can tune these marketing efforts out with ease. With bus wrapping advertisements, drivers and passengers will look at other vehicles and, beautifully and artfully created bus wraps will stand out easily!

Moreover, a lot of times, wrapped buses show athletes, artists, or nice pictures that are very attractive and the fact that the bus is moving will show different images and perspectives on the wrap that will have an even stronger attractive effect on people on the road.

Bus wraps marketing is very interesting on the road and what is great is that buses are also great advertising tools in many other different contexts

7 reasons why Universities should wrap their buses

If you’re a university, you likely have buses, shuttles, and coaches moving students and staff around your campus — and maybe even around the country for sporting matches and events. There are so many reasons why wrapping university coaches is a great opportunity. Here are the 7 biggest reasons why you’ll benefit from vinyl graphics on your buses.

1. Get your message moving! Your university buses provide a great advertising opportunity, not only for students and staff around campus — but for the larger community as well. Your fleet can do more than just transporting your students—it can transport your brand!

2. Grow team and school spirit. Rally your students, fans, and alumni. Boost morale. Fill stadiums. There’s nothing like a vibrant vehicle to generate a buzz and invigorate old and new supporters alike.

3. Create school awareness and attract more students. Prospective students may have heard about your school, but this vehicle wrap will help them visualize it. High-quality wraps will help you promote your school, generate curiosity, and ultimately attract more students.

4. Protect your vehicle’s paint. Vinyl wraps protect the paint underneath, which will help to keep exteriors in good condition and retain resale value.

5. Employ a cost-effective marketing investment. Is vehicle advertising worth it? Absolutely. A sign on your campus, or a billboard, will get some views — but not as many as a moving vehicle. Plus, you already own these buses … Why not maximize this asset? Learn why vehicle advertising is a good investment.

6. Have the flexibility to promote new initiatives. Vehicle graphics can be long-term or short-term depending on your needs. This means you can change them for different initiatives or to promote special events. In fact, certain types of vinyl are ideal for a short-term initiative and less expensive. Learn about temporary vs. long-term material.

7. Get seen — and be safer — at night. If your fleet travels at night, you can also avail yourself of the benefits of reflective graphics.

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Why are bus wraps such an interesting advertising tool during events?

It is a known fact that at an event, the marketing space is much more intimate. People are moving through a defined area, and are sure to pass the same place multiple times over the duration of the function. Logistically, it takes a lot of coordination to put on an event, often requiring buses and trucks to transport the equipment or attendees for the event.

After they perform their transport duty, buses have nothing else to contribute. They just sit and wait. With bus wraps advertisement, your fleet can keep on supporting you—by being a strong visual representation of your brand. They can provide a message that reinforces each attendee’s experience.

Could fleet wraps with buses work at your event? Whether it’s a sports match, trade show, convention, or concert, every event provides a unique space where bus wrapping marketing can be exceptionally successful. And if your event is in North America, we can help you maximize this bus wrapping experience with our installers network.

“With its network of certified installers extending across North America, Turbo Images guarantees that your visuals will be ready to impress at the next major event your company participates in.”

How buses could change from taking space to generating value for your brand?

Rather than sitting unused over the course of the event, and traveling to and from the event as a blank canvas, turn your buses into valuable marketing tools with great wraps.

The ideal graphic will get noticed by attendees and provide them a message about your brand. Whether you want to simply create brand awareness, or promote something event-specific or brand-specific, you’ve got the mobile advertising space to do it. Don’t let your event buses simply take up space when they can instead be generating value for your brand!

When it comes to using bus wrapping at events, here are some tips:

  • Make sure that your fleet graphics connect easily; cut out the clutter and be straightforward.
  • Feature your brand and logo.
  • Use an effective color scheme, but make sure you do not overload attendees with images that detract from the message you wish to convey.
  • Ensure the image aligns with your brand standards so this graphic supports your overall brand.
  • Ensure your bus wrap design works effectively in large format, both parked and on the go.
  • Most of all, work with a professional bus wrap company that can help you strategize, design, produce and install bus wraps that meet the highest standards.

How effective bus wrap marketing can be?

Some people might ask this question: how effective bus wrap marketing can be? Think about your attendance. Think about how many people will see the message on the graphics, and how many times it will be reinforced to those attendees all because of one bus wrap.

Now, think about all the people who will see the bus wrap(s) as the bus or buses travel to and from the event.

Getting eyes on your brand is a worthwhile investment. At Turbo Images, we’ll help you maximize that investment.

Why choose Turbo Images as your partner for university coach wraps or event bus wraps?

  • Industry-recognized excellence. 25+ years of rigorous specialization, plus our certification as a 3M fleet graphics installer, provide you the highest-quality result in the industry.
  • The best warranty on the market. With Turbo, your bus wraps will stand the test of time with the best warranty on the market.
  • Installation around the nation. No matter where you are in North America, we can coordinate the installation of your vehicle wraps with our network of expert installers.
  • Ease of repair and replacement. As part of our ongoing partnership, we offer an online ordering system and easy communication with our account executives to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

Because of all of these reasons, many colleges, universities, and other organizations across North America choose us as their fleet graphics provider.

Are you ready to impress everyone with bus wraps to represent your organization or your event?

If you are, let us help you create bus wrapping that will impress everyone. Contact us and get a bus wrapping quote today!

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