How bus wraps can enhance your event marketing efforts

21 May 2020By Turbo Images

How bus wraps can enhance your event marketing efforts

Most of the time, advertising is a passive act. A television spot or billboard is something that customers will look at and decide whether or not to pay attention to. Often times, because they are so common, viewers can tune these marketing efforts out with ease.

However, at an event, the marketing space is much more intimate. People are moving through a defined area, and are sure to pass the same place multiple times over the duration of the function.

Event vehicles provide a unique marketing opportunity

Logistically, it takes a lot of coordination to put on an event, often requiring buses and trucks to transport the equipment or attendees for the event.

After they perform their transport duty, some fleets have nothing else to contribute. They just sit and wait. But with vehicle wraps, your fleet can keep on supporting you—by being a strong visual representation of your brand. They can provide a message that reinforces each attendee’s experience.

Could fleet wraps work at your event? Whether it’s a sports match, trade show, convention, or concert, every event provides a unique space where marketing efforts can be exceptionally successful. And if your event is in North America, we can help you maximize this opportunity.

“With its network of certified installers extending across North America, Turbo Images guarantees that your visuals will be ready to impress at the next major event your company participates in.”

How vehicle graphics can help?

Rather than sitting unused over the course of the event, and traveling to and from the event as a blank canvas, turn your vehicles into valuable marketing tools.

The ideal graphic will get noticed by attendees and provide them a message about your brand. Whether you want to simply create brand awareness, or promote something event-specific or brand-specific, you’ve got the mobile advertising space to do it. Don’t let your event vehicles simply take up space when they can instead be generating value for your brand!

When it comes to using fleet graphics at events, here are some tips:

-Make sure that your fleet graphics connect easily; cut out the clutter and be straightforward.

-Feature your brand and logo.

-Use an effective color scheme, but make sure you do not overload attendees with images that detract from the message you wish to convey.

-Ensure the image aligns with your brand standards so this graphic supports your overall brand.

-Ensure your fleet graphic design works effectively in large format, both parked and on-the-go.

-Most of all, work with a professional fleet graphics company who can help you strategize, design, produce, and install the vehicle wraps to the highest standards.

Think about the potential magnitude.

Just how effective can this marketing tactic be? Think about your attendance. Think about how many people will see the message, and how many times it will be reinforced to those attendees all because of one bus wrap or vehicle wrap.

Now, think about all the people who will see the graphics as the vehicle travels to and from the event.

Getting eyes on your brand is a worthwhile investment. At Turbo Images, we’ll help you maximize that investment.

Let us help you create graphics that impress at your next big event.

Ready to make an impact? Contact us or get a fleet graphics quote today.

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