Reflective fleet graphics: Benefits & Tips

7 May 2021By Turbo Images

Reflective fleet graphics: Benefits & Tips

When you think about fleet graphics and wraps for your vehicles, you probably picture them making an impact on the roadways during the day. But what about after the sun sets? If your fleet is on the road at night — or parked somewhere visible — it’s worth considering reflective fleet graphics.

After all, why should daytime be the only time your brand gets noticed on the road?

Reflective wraps provide all the benefits of non-reflective wraps, and then some! Some of these benefits include:

1. 24-hour visibility. Brightly colored and eye-catching during the day, reflective wraps will also reflect headlights at night. This means when your competitors’ graphics aren’t visible at night, yours will be.

2. Reduced accident risk. Aside from having your brand visible, a reflective film also makes your vehicle visible when it might not be otherwise. When other travelers can see your vehicle sooner, they will have more time to react and apply their brakes if necessary. Reflective graphics may also catch the attention of distracted drivers, facilitating quicker reaction times.

3. Insurance discounts. We know that many insurance companies consider reflective graphics to be an investment in safety, which can result in discounts. Speak to your insurance provider about if and how reflective graphics can result in lower rates.

Want to harness the benefits of reflective fleet graphics for your trailers, trucks, and buses?

First, note these three important tips.

Tip #1: You can still experience the benefits of reflective graphics without wrapping your entire vehicle in the reflective film. Reflective graphics as accents or decals—or simply on rear doors—will help to enhance marketing visibility and road safety.

Tip #2: Don’t risk your investment. Choose a Certified 3M installer who specializes in fleet graphics. Installation and removal of reflective graphics require a refined level of skill, meaning it’s critical to use a CERTIFIED fleet graphics installer like us. Doing business with amateur vehicle wrap installers is always risky, but when it comes to reflective graphics, that risk is even greater. Do not put your company’s image in the hands of anyone besides a professional fleet graphics company.

Tip #3: Don’t just choose any reflective graphics — choose reflective graphics from Turbo Images!

At Turbo Images, we combine our expert design, production, and installation with 3M’s line of reflective films — the best on the market — to ensure you the finest result: a bold, vibrant aesthetic that gets you noticed, day and night.

Ready to explore the benefits of reflective graphics for your fleet? Let’s talk about the possibilities.

Truck wraps for more visibility and safety at night by Turbo Images