Vehicle wraps: Will they damage my paint job?

4 March 2021By Turbo Images

Vehicle wraps: Will they damage my paint job?

Wondering if vehicle wraps will damage your paint job?

We’ve got good news for you!

Vinyl wraps actually protect your vehicle’s paint.

Wraps will not cause damage to your vehicle or its factory-quality paint or primer. In fact, wraps will offer protection for your vehicle’s paint! An unexpected bonus, right? When done properly, vinyl wraps provide a durable, protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside world. It’s a hidden benefit of vinyl wraps that many people don’t realize. (This is yet another reason why vehicle wraps are a smart investment.)

To ensure your vinyl wraps protect your paint job, here are a few factors to consider:

1. The current paint on the vehicle is factory paint (or equal or better quality). Vinyl wraps are completely safe to be applied to any kind of factory-quality paint, whether gloss or matte.

2. The quality of the materials. Not all vinyl wraps are created equal. When it comes to maximizing the many benefits of fleet graphics for your company, high-quality wraps are essential. At Turbo Images, we like 3M’s graphic films—which are engineered to help protect your brand and investment.

3. The skill of the wrap installer. Using a certified 3M installer is the only way to ensure your vehicle wrap is installed and adhered properly.

4. Proper cleaning before installation. You want to guarantee the vehicle is properly cleaned before applying the vehicle graphics. This is another benefit of using a certified installer!

5. The wrap is removed by professionals during the warranty period. When the vinyl is properly removed by experts, it will not leave behind any residue, nor will it peel any paint or clear coat from the vehicle’s surface.

Whether you’re wrapping a car, van, trailer, bus or truck, if these above conditions are met, your vehicle wrap will protect your paint job, not hurt it!

Vinyl wraps can also protect your vehicle from life on the road.

Rocks and debris that get kicked-up off the road during driving can nick a vehicle’s paint job. However, wraps are much less likely to get damaged by these occurrences because vinyl wraps are flexible and have elasticity. Vehicle wraps also protect your vehicle’s paint from road salt and weather exposure.

When installed properly, you will be able to remove your wrap to uncover your pristine paint job.

Some of our clients wrap off-the-line vehicles to create a personalized, branded visual, and then simply remove the wrap when it’s time to sell the vehicle, revealing the factory-fresh paint job underneath. This ensures the vehicle is a blank slate, with like-new paint, for the next owner. (Plus, high-quality wraps are less expensive than custom paint jobs when a company wants to get noticed on the road. Win-win!)

What about wrapping vehicles with poor-quality paint?

If your vehicle has a poor-quality paint job, you are likely wrapping the vehicle to transform it and make it look polished and spread brand awareness. A poor quality paint job may suffer damage as a result of wrapping your vehicle. As always at Turbo Images, we will always be transparent with you. If we believe damage may occur, we will let you know.

At Turbo Images, we are dedicated to making sure your vehicle graphics best serve you in every possible way.

Want to employ the benefits of visibility on the road while also keeping your paint job factory-fresh for resale? Get in touch.

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