The BOCSI Awards: What an honor!

14 September 2021By Turbo Images

The BOCSI Awards: What an honor!

The Sign Company of the Year (SCOTY) award recognizes a company which has stood out over the year and is judged on three criteria:


Company Details: Turbo adopt a laser-focused approach to our market specialization


- ‘Good to great’ mission to become North America’s market leader in elevated fleet graphics

- Sixth consecutive year of growth even during the pandemic

- ISO9001/14001-aligned business processes

- Design advocate

- Value Champion

- Invested over $2m in the latest eco-friendly latex printing of vibrant wraps

- 3M Platinum Supplier/Certified Graphics Installation

- 3M Matched Component System (MCS) supplier that assures ‘best in class’ color matching within a 5% variance

- G7 Master Facility Colorspace

- High Net Promoter Benchmark consistently achieving customer satisfaction levels

- Top 350 Printing Impressions

- PMTC Design Awards

- Turbo Online: web-based ordering/reporting portal

- Introduction of artificial Intelligence (AI) tools speed drawing transformation to print and cut files


Community and industry involvement

- High Impact Firm (Provincial and Federal government, Bank Development Canada)

- Support LGBTQ+ community (adopting rainbow colours for Pride Month)

- Sponsor charities (Moisson Beauce, Feed Need in Durham)

- Showcase sports (Kobe Byrant, Bianca Vanessa Andreescu)

- Donate 50+ diverse causes, designs celebrating Universal Women's Network (advance gender equality, diversity & inclusion), Race Against Autism, sustainability

- Seize eco-impact opportunities to reduce carbon footprint (latex printing, PVC-free, phthalate-free vinyl etc.)


Employee training

- Educate staff and customers (Resource Centre, Knowledge Hub, Blog/social media and Data Friday)

- Robust induction and orientation program tailored to functional role (employees receive know-how to perform job to company designs standards)

- Weekly team meetings for refresher training

- Actively Promote Teamwork

- Continuing education: employees request reimbursable training

- 20 hours of digital/IT training via LinkedIn Learning/yr

- 2 training days/yr



We were a finalist for the SCOTY (Sign Company Of The Year)!

A Canadian sign company that demonstrates a commitment to excellence, customer service, environmental stewardship, and uniqueness.

We won the BOCSI for Vehicle Graphics for our Kobe Bryant tribute wrap.


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Kobe Bryant tribute truck wrap by Turbo Image 2020 BOCSI Awards winner