Vehicle Wrap Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

4 November 2021By Turbo Images

Vehicle Wrap Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

Winter is coming. Again.

Colder temperatures, icy roads, snowy conditions, and salt are also coming. And along with the cold weather comes responsibility. Taps need to be turned off, chimneys need cleaning, and vehicles need to be winterized. For many, our cars are our livelihoods, and if we don’t take precautions with our cars when it comes to the wintertime, we might be left out in the cold one day.

Your vehicle wrap is part of your business’ vitality. It needs to be seen and in the best condition for as long as possible. The best way to take care of your vehicle and its wrap is to keep up with its maintenance and general winter care. Prevention is the best medicine. By following the seven easy tips in this article, you can give your car the best chance of not only surviving this winter but many more winters to come.

This post will dive into some great ideas for maintaining the vinyl wrap on your vehicle in mint condition, even in winter, as well as some of the general winter car care tips for cold weather.

7 Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle and Its Wrap in Cold Weather

Avoid Using a Snow and Ice Scraper on the Vinyl

Scrapers and other stiff brushes could scratch your vehicle and its wrap. Instead, you can use a softer brush instead. Also, if possible, you can use a non-hot water hose to wash off debris. Try to avoid using anything hard to rub on your vehicle, as it could damage the wrap. Use your defroster as often as you can to preserve the life of your vehicle and its wrapping.

Avoid Pressure Washing

Pressure washing should only be done when absolutely necessary on a wrapped vehicle. Pressure washing can begin to peel the edges of your wrap and lead to fading or cracking. If you must pressure wash your vehicle, use the lowest and lightest pressure, and keep the nozzle at least a foot away.

Remove Salt Immediately

Salt is used on the roads to melt snow and ice. It saves lives. However, it is very damaging to vehicles—especially if you have a vinyl vehicle wrap. Salt and rust damage prevention in winter is essential. Salt will corrode and dehydrate vinyl wraps if left on too long, irreparably damaging them. Cleaning off salt as quickly as you can, goes a long way to keeping your wrapped vehicle pristine for many years to come. Make sure you get the salt off of the undercarriage, too, as rust will form.

Clean Your Vehicle as Often as Possible

Salt is not the only thing that can harm your vehicle and its vinyl wrapping. Bird droppings, squashed bugs, tree sap, gas, and other elements could get lodged on your car during the winter months. If you want to keep your vehicle and its vinyl wrapping in tip-top condition, grab a sponge with some light detergent, gently wipe away the grime as soon as you see it, and rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

Fix Holes or Scratches Right Away

If you find a hole or a scratch on your car or the vinyl wrapping, make sure to repair it right away. The sooner scratches and holes are fixed, the less chance they will become worse and cost you much more money. Preventative maintenance on holes or scratches getting worse will save you big headaches in the long run. Even taking your vehicle in for a quick touch-up is better than leaving it and repairing a giant hole or causing a replacement of the entire wrap.

Additional Tips for Winter in general:

Battery Care in Winter

An essential item to keep in mind for the winter is caring for your vehicle's battery. Have it checked (or check it yourself) to ensure it is fully charged and in good condition. It is a good idea to check the condition of your battery throughout the winter months as the cold reduces the effectiveness of the battery.

Have an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Winter is an unpredictable time of year, and the best way to combat unpredictability is to be prepared. Having an emergency kit in your car is a fantastic way to give yourself a little more peace of mind in winter. Some items to include in your kit include jumper cables, a shovel, flashlight, non-perishable food, water, phone charger/batteries, and sand or salt.

If you live in a winter weather area, you know the kind of damage that cold weather, snow, ice, and salt can do to a vehicle and its wrapping. Your wrapping is part of your business, and you need it to be displayed prominently for as long as possible. If it gets damaged and needs to be replaced, the time and inconvenience will cost you and your business severely.

Following these general winter car care tips for your vehicle and its wrap will save you money and prolong your vehicle and its wrap’s life. Vehicle wraps are an investment, and like any investment, you have to take care of it to get the most out of it. Preventative maintenance is the surest way to save yourself headaches, inconvenience, and money down the road.

Turbo Images designs, processes, and prints the highest quality graphic vehicle wraps available. We strive to be the best, and we can assure you that our wraps will last the longest in the industry. By following the simple guidelines in this blog, you can ensure that your design wrap won’t be significantly damaged by the cold weather and will continue to shine for years to come.

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