The benefits of fleet graphics marketing

6 May 2020By Turbo Images

The benefits of fleet graphics marketing

Want to expand your customer base?

Want to maximize your marketing efforts?

Want to increase the impact while saving money?

Vehicle graphics may become your new favorite form of marketing!

At Turbo Images, we know that advertisers and marketing managers are always looking for ways to increase exposure. Be it through a social media marketing campaign or viral content, these brand managers want to get their name out to the largest possible client base. No matter the medium, this takes a lot of effort. However, advertisers could be overlooking one of the most low-cost, high-reward techniques—fleet graphics advertising.

If you are overlooking the potential of fleet graphics advertising—whether you’re not using it at all, or not using it to your best advantage—this is for you…

Using trucks, coaches, and other vehicles to get your name out is a great way to market to a massive audience, while also limiting marketing expenses in the process. Your company may already have a fleet of vehicles that have yet to be wrapped, making them valuable marketing assets already in your possession. Even if this is not the case, there are a plethora of buses and other vehicles with unoccupied exteriors to take advantage of.

There are numerous advantages to investing in a fleet graphics marketing campaign. Here are just a few:


Fleets can travel long distances in a single day. Take a Greyhound bus, for example. One vehicle may travel from Boston to New York City to Philadelphia all in a single day. This not only garners significant visibility in three major metropolitan areas, it covers all the ground in between. With the proper image, you could be generating a massive number of views.

“92% of people say they see, read, and recognize the graphics on a vehicle, and 96% consider them more effective than billboards.”

Brand identity

There are numerous theories about what makes a brand successful, but one thing that is almost universal is being able to communicate a cohesive message across media. This means showing consistency between various forms of advertising. If you can create a vehicle graphic that is consistent with your other marketing materials, while also being eye-catching, you could see strong results.

How to maximize your fleet graphics

Some design strategies that work for one medium may not work with vehicle graphics, so it is vital to work with a company that can assist in the design process. Otherwise, you may end up with a “pretty graphic” that simply doesn’t work on the road. The same goes for installation and maintenance. It’s essential to work with a professional graphics company who can expertly apply, maintain, and remove graphics to make sure your fleet is always looking sharp.

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