4 Ways to Assess a Premium-Quality Vehicle Wrap

20 August 2020By Turbo Images

4 Ways to Assess a Premium-Quality Vehicle Wrap

A newly-renovated home might look nice from far away.

But once you get up close, you may notice poor materials or workmanship. And who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, in the places you can’t see!

At Turbo Images, we don’t renovate homes, but we do enhance fleets—with fleet graphics and vehicle wraps that spread your message and produce valuable ROI. But like a home, high-caliber fleet advertising requires a strong foundation, excellent materials, know-how, craftsmanship—and must be built to last!

So, what makes a vehicle wrap premium-quality?

How can you tell the difference between a premium-quality wrap and a poor quality one?

Here are some elements to look for:

1. Conformity, with no creases or bumps. The quality of installation can be based on a number of factors. How stretchable the material is. The temperature at which the particular material can be installed. Whether the right material has been used for the purpose. And most of all, the skill of the installer.

2. No fading and peeling. If you goal is having a long term graphic, the objective is to create a graphic that looks great for as long as possible. When it comes to a vehicle wrap, it doesn’t have to be new to look new. When done properly, you’ll get a good-looking graphic that stays that way.

3. Durability. This isn’t something you can see right away…it’s in the lifespan of the graphic, which only becomes evident over time. How well will your graphic withstand weather and wear and tear? Look to your installer’s track record for clues.

4. Smart, powerful visuals. A poor-quality graphic makes for a poor-quality overall advertising effort. A fleet graphics provider who cares about your success will guide you in producing a visual that wows.

There’s one way to assure good quality so that you don’t have to worry:

Select an experienced partner who specializes in wraps and vehicle graphics!

Because even if you use the best material and the best graphic, it won’t look “premium quality” unless it’s produced and installed correctly. This is yet another reason to choose a 3M Platinum graphic specialist…to make sure you’re getting high-quality fleet advertising and not just putting lipstick on the pig.

Anyone can say they install high-quality graphics – especially if we are talking about new vehicles.

But at Turbo Images, we know the proof is in the portfolio and in the long customer relationships established as we work to consistently maintain the graphic integrity even on older and leased vehicles. Take a look at our recent projects.

Want premium quality fleet graphics—and a partnership that lets you breathe easy? Let’s talk.

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