Why we stand out from the competition

15 October 2020By Turbo Images

Why we stand out from the competition

When our company president, Pier Veilleux, started Turbo Images in 1993, his goal was to be the best in the business. And for the past 26 years, every decision we’ve made has been in support of that goal. So, if you’re considering us to be your fleet graphics partner, we’d like to share a few traits we believe make us stand out.

How do we separate ourselves from the competition? We are unique because:

1. We only do vehicle graphics—and we handle everything. Fleet graphics is our niche, and we are laser-focused. We also bring you the full spectrum of fleet graphics: sales, service, design, production, installation, and removal, so you get everything you need, in one place.

2. Family-owned and operated. There is definitely a family mentality here at Turbo. You can see it in the way we treat one another, and the way we treat our clients.

3. Passionate, dedicated, amazing humans who take customer service really seriously. To put it bluntly, we live customer service. We have some real characters who go to incredible ends to make clients happy. You’ll see that our team doesn’t just thrive on delivering great vehicle graphics; they also thrive on personal connections and making lives easier for clients.

4. Our unique values drive us. Passion, teamwork, a positive attitude, determination, and putting clients first. We expect you will see these values shine through in every interaction with us.

5. Turbo online: online ordering! Our online ordering system makes managing your fleet simple, 24/7. (See how to order online)

6. Full North American coverage. Need installation anywhere in North America? We make it happen through our certified network. See the benefits of installation around the nation!

7. We are tri-lingual. Whether you prefer to do business in English, French or Spanish, we’ve got you covered. Ready? Prêt? Listo? Let’s go!

8. We are 3M Certified. As a 3M Platinum Provider, you can be assured of our commitment to quality. (This is why choosing a certified fleet advertising installer is so important.)

9. We embody joie de vivre! Turbo Images is a Quebec and Canadian based company. That makes how we look at business a little different, we think. We are creative, fun and passionate about our business and lives. So, if you want world-class production, creativity, maple syrup and an amazing partnership—while having little bit of fun along the way, call on us.

Let us show you, first-hand, what makes us stand out. Contact us today.

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