UWN - Tribute to inspiring women

VideosMarch 23, 2021

UWN - Tribute to inspiring women

Helping to raise the bar for gender equality...


At Turbo Images, we like to get involved and support organizations who are doing important work. That’s why we’re proud to produce and install this incredible, impactful wrap — on fellow supporters, Maritime Ontario’s, Highlight Motor Freight's and Penner International's trailers — to promote The Universal Womens Network™ 2021 Road Show. One of the inspiring women featured on this trailer wrap is our very own Katy Campeau!


The Road Show will be taking place to advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in 10 cities across canada from September 9-24: Vancouver, BC | Calgary, AB | Edmonton, AB | Saskatoon, SK | Winnipeg, MB Montreal, QC | Toronto, ON | Hamilton, ON | Ottawa, ON | Halifax, NS


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