Vehicle wraps: A powerful advertising opportunity

30 April 2020By Turbo Images

Vehicle wraps: A powerful advertising opportunity

Advertising space is valuable. If you use it right, it can be incredibly valuable.

The downside of ad space? Most of the time it’s quite expensive. Sure, TV ads, radio ads highway billboards can reach a wide audience, but they come with hefty price tags.

Even "viral" marketing campaigns and social media strategies require the development of catchy videos and pay-per-click advertising efforts. With these attempts, there’s no guarantee of impact.

The good news? You already have free advertising space on every vehicle in your fleet.

While there may be a place for other types of advertising in your marketing mix, we want to make sure you are maximizing the powerful one that’s already outside in your parking lot!

A company vehicle is one of the most basic elements of any company. Necessary for transporting goods and manpower to various locations in your service area, it is often one of the most highly used assets of your business. At Turbo Images, we make your vehicles even more of an asset! Your fleet can do more than just transporting your merchandise and workers across the country—it can transport your brand!


-When you have a fleet of vehicles, you already have free advertising space!

-Fleet graphics can reach prospective customers everywhere you travel.

-With fleet graphics, you can devise your own lucrative marketing strategy using a medium you already have.

Make your fleet stand out

Business 2 Community reported that many businesses have begun to use vehicle wraps to make company vehicles more noticeable. The news source noted that when it comes to using your vehicles as marketing platforms, it is best to make yourself stand out.

How? Here are a few tips:

-Use eye-catching colors and designs that can make your vehicle noticeable among the thousands of vehicles on the road every day.

-Keep your overall brand image in mind—and translate it effectively into a road-bound marketing machine! At Turbo Images, we have a team of specialized designers who can help you develop distinctive visuals that align with, and elevate your overall brand.

-Choose a great partner. High-quality production and installation aren’t the only things that matter here. You also want a partner who can make your life easier! Work with professionals who have fleet graphics experience and a commitment to quality.

Your company's vehicles can be valuable assets to your marketing campaign if you know the right way to use them as advertising space. At Turbo Images, we’ll guide you to maximize your fleet to spread your brand’s message everywhere you go.

Are you using your fleet’s advertising potential to your best advantage? Let’s make an impact. Contact us or get a fleet graphics quote today.

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