We are Proudly Participating in New and Innovative Ideas (like the Coca-Cola Holiday Truck Tour) With Our Vehicle Wrap Design Services

16 December 2021By Turbo Images

We are Proudly Participating in New and Innovative Ideas (like the Coca-Cola Holiday Truck Tour) With Our Vehicle Wrap Design Services

The holiday season is a time of celebrating love and togetherness — a time of joining with your community and loved ones, sharing the gifts of joy, unity, and gratitude!

In the spirit of this unifying holiday tradition, Turbo Images partnered with The GenWell Project and Coca-Cola — one of the largest companies worldwide — to help spread some holiday cheer to countless people across Canada.

This yuletide effort was launched to bring Canadians closer together, from coast to coast, as the First Cross-Country 2021 Holiday Truck Tour — with the industry-leading experts at Turbo Images contributing by producing and installing the Coca-Cola truck’s innovative design!

A Season of New Beginnings

Over the course of the 2021 holiday season, the decked-out Coca-Cola truck — driven by none other than Santa Claus — will travel from one end of Canada to the other, inspiring the people of over 100 communities to celebrate holiday togetherness.

This joyful initiative was inspired and developed as a result of the last two years of cancelled holiday gatherings and celebrations. It has been a very difficult couple of years for many people, and many have been left feeling lonely and desirous of real human connection.

The Holiday Truck Tour has been a wonderful, collaborative effort, brought about by The GenWell Project — a Canadian Global Human Connection Movement. Peter Bombaci, the founder of The GenWell Project, stated, “There has never been a greater need for human connection and interaction than right now. By partnering with Coca-Cola Canada Bottling, we hope to inspire a Movement of Togetherness we know Canadians are all so desperately craving.”

For the Turbo Images Team, it has been an honor to be part of the 2021 Holiday Truck Tour of Canada, by sharing our experience and innovation in the truck’s design to the project. This was the first time a truck decal design has been outfitted with LED lights as a frame for the design — and it has been a major success!

At Turbo Images, we are always on a mission to create inspiring realities out of vehicle graphics ideas — whether it’s to bring people together for a cross-country Holiday Truck Tour, or make your brand come to life with your own fleet vehicle graphics.

Bring Your Vehicle Graphics Ideas to Life With Great Vehicle Wrap Design

Turbo Images has over 25+ years of experience in this field — being a leader in the North American fleet graphics industry. We have maintained a top position in this industry through focused specialization, award-winning design, top-of-the-line production, end-to-end installation, and personalized attention to our clients through outstanding customer service!

We offer a vehicle graphics one-stop-shop, ensuring that the vision for your brand comes to life every step of the way in our comprehensive process.

  • Project Management — Your project is assigned to our experienced management team to plan a strategy, step by step, for how to best turn your brand ideas into reality.
  • Graphic Design — Our award-winning designers will bring your project one step closer to fruition, creating visuals that best suit your vehicles and bring your brand to life! We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to convert our clients’ ideas into eye-catching visuals on their vehicles.
  • Production and Printing — Turbo Images is a Certified 3M Platinum Provider, so we use only the most efficient and top-quality materials for your project. Every material we use is built for the long haul, as we want your graphics to represent your brand and stand out (in the best way!) for as long as possible.
  • Installation — Turbo Images has 150 certified installers across North America, each one trained to our high standards of service and quality. You can expect our never-ending passion, focus, and efficiency when it comes to installing your graphics.
  • Removal — If you need some old graphics removed, we treat that process in the same way as our other services. Removal is handled with the same personalized attention and efficiency as installing brand-new graphics on your vehicle(s).

Also, we offer you access to our Turbo Online system — available 24/7/365 so you can look at your vehicle graphics’ layouts, order lettering, and graphics, and check out previous invoices. This system is available so you can stay on top of your project at any stage of the process!

Have a Brand New, Never-done-Before Idea in terms of vehicle wrap design?

Tell us about it!

No matter the size, scope, or innovation required for your project — for just one or dozens of vehicles — if you have a branding idea for your business, we can help you make your vision a reality.

At Turbo Images, we instill our founding values in everything we do:

  • Putting our clients first
  • Keeping positive attitudes around the clock
  • Determination to get the job done
  • Instilling our work with passion
  • Accomplishment through teamwork — this includes you as our main focus, tailoring our process to the needs, goals, and vision of you and your business!

So whether you would like to spread some holiday cheer with a cross-country holiday truck, or deck out your own company’s fleet of vehicles with customized brand graphics, Turbo Images has your back.

If you would like to learn more about how Turbo Images can help you boost your brand with durable, attention-grabbing vehicle graphics, click the link below!

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Coca-Cola Holiday Truck Tour Vehicle wrap made by Turbo Images