We make vehicle graphics easy for transit agencies

26 August 2021By Turbo Images

We make vehicle graphics easy for transit agencies

With their large fleets and frequent routes, transit vehicles have maximum visibility.

How can transit agencies maximize this visibility? By looking great and making an impression!

That’s where we come in to help transit agencies with vehicle graphics

At Turbo Images, we help public transit agencies across North America wrap buses and light rail vehicles to share their brand and initiatives across their service areas. How do we do it? Through top-notch graphics and installation, and masterful coordination, communication, and scheduling that makes the process easy for these busy agencies.

What do these partnerships look like? Here are 6 recent public transit projects / our top 6 public transit projects from the past 12 months — and a glimpse at the beautiful outcomes.

Installing vinyl graphics on 111 light rail vehicles over a period of ten years.

Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Utah

Train wrap for Utah's transit agency by Turbo Images


Producing and installing full vehicle wraps on 6 battery-powered electric Gillig buses. 

Pierce Transit, Washington

Electric bus graphics for Pierce transit agency by Turbo Images


Producing and installing full wraps on new BYD buses, and Disney wraps on three different bus models.

Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART), California

Bus graphics for Anaheim Resort Transportation by Turbo Images


Working closely with the PSTA marketing department to implement high-quality bus wraps for special projects like Pride Day and MLK Day, and embarking on a full rebranding project in 2022.

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), Florida

Vehicle Graphics for Pinellas Sunrise Transit Authority by Turbo Images


Rolling out SARTA’s rebranding project across its fleet of 80 buses.

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), Ohio

Vehicle wraps for Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), Ohio by Turbo Images


Branding new vehicles and repairing damaged graphics.

Calgary Transit, Canada

Branding new vehicles and repairing damaged graphics for Calgary Transit's vehicles, Canada, by Turbo Images


Does your transit agency need a fleet graphics provider?

With Turbo Images as your partner, you will experience excellence and commitment at every step. We work with your entire agency — from the marketing department to the operations department — to coordinate our work and make the process easy for you. We strive to be the best vehicle graphics partner you’ve ever had!

Transit agencies can partner with Turbo Images to:

  • Implement a successful bus wrap program across their agency
  • Get their brand and initiatives noticed across their communities
  • Maintain a consistent and beautiful fleet
  • Have a streamlined graphics partnership that makes life easier
  • Have peace of mind that their vehicles will always look their best

Ready for a partnership that feels as good as it looks?

Get in touch.