How much do vehicle graphics cost?

3 June 2021By Turbo Images

How much do vehicle graphics cost?

Less than you may think!

Thinking about wrapping a car, coach, or trailer? Considering a full wrap, a half wrap, or lettering for your vehicle?

When considering the price of fleet graphics, we encourage you to also consider the following:

1. Consider how much it might cost to not have your brand visible on the road! You’ll lose out on all the benefits of fleet graphics and won’t avail of the powerful marketing opportunity that they provide. Ever wonder why they’re so popular with marketers? It’s because vehicle wraps are a smart, cost-effective investment.

2. Limited budget? You can make your budget go further. We would be happy to help you realize the potential fleet graphics deliver and help you maximize your budget when it comes to vehicle graphics.

3. You can generate revenue from having graphics on your vehicles. Your trailers are valuable ad space — and you don’t have to use it all for your own company. We could put you in touch with one of our partners so you can turn your vehicles into moneymakers.

4. Don’t skimp on quality. If you’re going to invest in fleet graphics, don’t waste your money on subpar production, materials, or installation. When it comes to fleet graphics, quality makes a difference. We always do our best to offer you top-quality vehicle graphics and services.

5. Ask questions and do your homework. Before you purchase, take into account the 6 most important things to consider when buying vehicle graphics.

When you invest in vehicle wraps, we will make sure that investment goes as far as possible.

At Turbo Images, we don’t just design, produce, install and remove vehicle advertising. We work to understand your goals so this marketing effort truly supports your company!

Ready to increase visibility on the road — and maximize your budget? Get in touch.