Turn your trailers into money-makers.

25 November 2020By Turbo Images

Turn your trailers into money-makers.

Advertisers nationwide see the value in fleet advertising.

But—many of them don’t have fleets to advertise on.


If you want to get paid for other companies using your trailers as ad space—our partnership with Big Rig Wraps makes it easy for you.

They deal with the advertisers.

You approve who and what is advertised on your fleet.

You decide the size of the ad.

You make your trailers available for installation (which is done by us)—then start receiving revenue checks.

Ready to generate revenue—easily?

Do it right—with Big Rig and Turbo.

Partnering with Big Rig Wraps is painless and profitable. You have full control, with none of the headaches. And, since we are their production/installation partner in this area, you can be assured your wraps will look amazing.

Learn more: https://bigrigwraps.ca/fleet-partners/

Fleet advertising can generate revenue for your company. It’s some of the most sought-after, highly-visible ad space around. Whether you’re promoting your own business, or someone else’s—trailer advertising is valuable!

Make ad revenue with Big Rig Wraps, or let us produce trailer wraps to promote your business. Just make sure you’re using that valuable ad space to your benefit!