Mondoux: Replacing faded old with new bold truck wraps

25 March 2021By Turbo Images

Mondoux: Replacing faded old with new bold truck wraps

Are the graphics on your vehicles old and faded?

Are you considering replacing them with something more vibrant and engaging, and long-lasting?

This is why Bonbons Mondoux recently came to us. Offering more than 3000 products to a large customer base, Mondoux’s trucks are on the road delivering sweetness everywhere they go. They wanted to truly maximize the powerful advertising possibilities of their fleet and needed a partner who would deliver unbeatable quality.

Unfortunately, Mondoux had experienced a lack of quality from a previous graphics provider. Those images started fading within a year or two. Not at Turbo! Our fleet graphics are designed, produced, and installed to stand the test of time. Not only that! With our 3M Certification, our graphics are covered by the best warranty on the market (yet another reason we proudly stand out from the competition).

With our 3M warranty, your fleet graphics will look incredible for years to come.

Marie-Josée Mondoux, Director of Marketing at Bonbons Mondoux, said:

“With our previous partner, often the issue that occurred was a lack of quality. There was discoloration in the images on our trucks within a year or two. Now with Turbo Images certification as a 3M Graphics Provider, we have a product quality-guaranteed for seven years. And we already see the difference on our trucks.”

Varied fleet? Different sized vehicles? No problem.

With approximately 50 vehicles — in 40 different vehicle-types — Mondoux needed the graphics to look great across the entire fleet. Definitely not one-size-fits-all! This variety was no problem. We adapted the design to make it consistent across 40 different vehicle styles, so each unique vehicle is spreading awareness, impactfully and beautifully.

Maximize and protect your investment.

No matter which fleet graphics company you choose, fleet graphics cost money. At Turbo Images, we will maximize your investment — and ensure it’s an investment that will be around for a while!

Experience the peace of mind that comes from partnership.

At Turbo Images, we care about the quality and longevity of your graphics. We care about your ease of partnership. And we care about your positive experience! So, while we know your graphics will look great for much longer than our competitors’ graphics, we also know you’ll come to us as your fleet and company expand. We see ourselves as your long-term partner in success.

About working together, Marie-Josée Mondoux said:

“Turbo Images was a very reliable partner because they listened to our needs from the beginning...They were a welcoming team and they were able to support us throughout the entire process. We really felt like we were walking through this hand in hand together.”

Want to learn more about their rebranding story? Read our Case Study.

At Turbo Images, our passion is helping you look great (and keep looking great!) on the road.

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