How fast can you wrap trailers?

12 August 2021By Turbo Images

How fast can you wrap trailers?

Some projects don’t have the luxury of time. Sometimes, clients come to us needing a trailer wrap or bus wrap done fast. But how fast is fast?

Our recent project for Coca-Cola will give you some insight.

They had 492 trailers — across 28 different locations — and they needed them wrapped asap while sustaining their current workflow.

For the Coca-Cola trailer wraps:

  • They needed lighting speed, budget efficiency, and of course, impeccable quality.
  • We were under contract and in production within 3 days.
  • Because of the amazing Turbo team, we ramped up our pipeline to meet the need.
  • We adapted to a moving fleet — across 28 locations — to get the vehicle wraps installed.
  • The client was ultra-responsive when coordinating installations with us.
  • The project was completed in 7 weeks!

We were even able to maximize the client’s budget by wrapping over their existing graphics!

Need the highest quality vehicle wraps on a quick timeline? We can help.

At Turbo Images, when our client needs it done, we get it done.

Fast. Organized. Budget-maximizing. Top-quality. And backed by the best warranty in the industry!

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