Meet 3M’s Eco-Friendly wraps

7 January 2021By Turbo Images

Meet 3M’s Eco-Friendly wraps

We recently talked about using vehicle advertising to show off your company’s initiatives and values.

If one of those values is going green and supporting a cleaner world, there’s no better way to show this commitment than to use eco-friendly vinyl wrapping on your fleet. What a great way to align with your message of supporting the environment!

  • If your practices within your company are geared towards reducing emissions...
  • If you prioritize sustainability…
  • If you support earth-friendly vendors and organizations…
  • If your customers and prospects prioritize sustainability…

Why not give them sustainability with your fleet graphics?!

Now you have a choice to ensure that your fleet graphics are eco-friendly—3M’s line of Envision materials—which protect the environment from the very beginning of the manufacturing process.

What you get with 3M’s line of Envision wrap films:

  • A PVC-free, phthalate-free option for your vehicle graphics.
  • A material that doesn’t rely on halogens or chlorine, and uses 60% fewer solvents.
  • Eligibility for LEED credits.
  • All the high-performance technology and state-of-the-art innovations for which 3M is world famous: slideability, repositionability, Comply v3 Adhesive air release channels, heated film recovery and incredible print quality.
  • Beautiful clarity, extreme durability and flexible conformability—with 150% stretch!
  • Fast, clean, residue-free removal.
  • Installation in extreme temperatures.

What’s more?

3M Envision Print Wrap Films and Overlaminates have all earned the prestigious GREENGUARD Gold Certification, without sacrificing quality and performance!

When non-PVC film is this conformable and versatile, why use anything else?

If you’re ready for high-performance vehicle wraps with a sustainability edge, we can help. Talk to us about greener fleet graphic solutions.

Greenguard certified eco-friendly vinyl wrapping 3M Envision products by Turbo Images