Learn why Turbo Images is your one-stop-shop for fleet vehicle graphics in California

25 October 2021By Turbo Images

Learn why Turbo Images is your one-stop-shop for fleet vehicle graphics in California

With 25+ years of experience in the North American Fleet Vehicle Graphics market, Turbo Images continues to serve our customers with integrity and quality. We have achieved award-winning status in this industry due to our specialization and personalized attention given to everyone who seeks our services.

We believe that focus and specialization in a particular field breed the highest standards of quality, and we take pride in this approach for our services and customers.

We serve customers all across North America—and the great state of California is a state where we are very active! Our services extend to all kinds of companies with fleets of vehicles: California public transit agencies, transportation companies, and various carriers that utilize vehicles for their services.

This includes California busses and public transit systems. Basically, if you need high-quality graphics installed on your vehicles, Turbo Images is your one-stop-shop.

Let’s explore our services and how we can help you with your fleet graphic needs!

Project Management

The first step in providing you with world-class service is assigning you an experienced project management team. Together, we will go over the ins and outs of your project, breaking down your goals and vision into a comprehensive, step-by-step, concrete plan of action.

Branding efforts and transforming a vision into reality can get a bit complicated, but with a dedicated team guiding your project along, there’s nothing we can’t do to see your ideas through to completion.

In order to stay transparent in our process, we will set you up with personalized electronic data exchange, so you can track your progress, provide feedback, and complete real-time ordering. This helps provide the convenience that our customers need and deserve in the midst of an ongoing project.

Graphic Design

One of the most integral steps of our services includes the graphic design portion of the project. We have a team of experienced, specialized designers that will help transform your ideas and plans into a beautiful, concrete spectacle that will sing across your fleet of vehicles.

Our designers know what it takes to make a design pop, whether it’s on California busses, work trucks or vans, trailers, or another vehicle entirely. We’re here to help you stand out in a crowd, letting the images of your brand do the talking when you hit those California roads.

Production and Printing

At Turbo Images, we pride ourselves on using sustainable, environmentally-friendly production practices. Our primary energy source is hydroelectric power, and we are always on the lookout for ways to make our process even more efficient and sustainable.

We are a certified 3M Platinum provider and a 3M Select Graphic provider—and this includes all of the outstanding warranties that come along with being such a provider of these quality materials. Quality is the name of the game for us, and your satisfaction depends on this quality, attention to detail, and personalized care that we instill in every service we complete.

You can rest assured knowing that we have you in mind, first and foremost, when we produce the graphics used for your fleet vehicle project. We want your graphics to last a lifetime—as well as your satisfaction with the work and end-product.


Turbo Images has a wide expanse of 150 certified installers across North America—all specially trained in our methods, services, and personalized attention to quality—and this includes certified installers in California. All of our teams handle all of the logistics, including the manufacturing and delivery of your particular graphic equipment to wherever you might be located.

We know time is of the essence for you and your business, so our teams ensure the speediest installation imaginable, all while keeping personal attention to detail and quality. The installation of your vehicle graphics is one of the most important steps of the process, and we continue to uphold the highest industry standards when we do so.


If you happen to have old vehicle graphics on your fleet of vehicles, Turbo Images can complete the removal as well! We use our signature personal care and attention to detail during this process, too, just the same as when we install our own graphics.

This is also true if you happen to need repair work completed on your graphics. Sometimes damage does happen, but we can assure you that our trained teams of technicians will have your vehicles looking brand new in no time at all.

As stated, our teams are found all across North America, including California, so if you need graphic removal or repair work, Turbo Images will be able to help you in a timely manner—getting your vehicles back on the road where they belong!

Turbo Online 24/7

Turbo Images, as part of our industry-leading services, offers our customers access to our online portal—any time, day or night. The purpose of this service is to keep our customers connected to their own Turbo Images experience.

Through our portal, we offer the ability to order lettering and fleet graphics, look up specific vehicles and their graphic layouts, and bring up previous invoices or orders. This helps you stay informed and up-to-date with your personal Turbo Images experience and engage with our services whenever it is most convenient for you.

Wrap-Up Recap

If you’re looking for an experienced fleet graphic company in California, Turbo Images is here to help you with whatever your needs may be. We have the experience, personalized care, specially trained teams, and standards of quality that are hard to beat in the North American Fleet Vehicle Graphics market.

Our process and services are second-to-none, and we instill everything we do with our company’s founding values: passion, teamwork, keeping positive attitudes, putting the client first, and our determination to complete every project with top-quality standards in mind.

So whether you need your California busses, trucks, vans, cars, or anything else dressed up in superb graphics, Turbo Images will see your vision to completion. No matter the scope of your particular vehicle graphics project, we will ensure the utmost quality and satisfaction with our work.

Anaheim, California bus wrap made by Turbo Images