An Expert in Fleet Branding Like No Other

18 November 2021By Turbo Images

An Expert in Fleet Branding Like No Other

Giving flight to some of the continent's biggest brand names, Turbo Images is one of North America's largest and most innovative vehicle graphic specialists.

Turbo Images ensures its clients' vehicles get noticed across North America for all the right reasons.

By delivering top-quality materials and printing methods, Turbo Images provides clients a clear edge over their competitors.

Charles Veilleux, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Anne-Laure Rey, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, recently shared some of the company’s latest developments with me.

As an industry leader in solvent-free printed fleet graphics, the company keeps brands looking fresh while in transit, such as:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Walmart
  • Pepsi
  • And many other Fortune 500 companies

In a world where image and speed drive sales, brands demand competent teams and cutting-edge technology to manage fleet graphics. This ensures brand awareness spreads as far and fast as possible.

The Leader in Fleet Vehicle Graphics

The company was founded by Veilleux’s father, Pier Veilleux, in 1993. Veilleux Sr., who remains the company president, also embedded respect for equality and family values within the company’s culture.

The culture maintains focus on the bigger picture, like eco-friendly efforts, which include:

  • Running the facility almost entirely on sustainable hydroelectricity
  • Reusing packaging from suppliers to ship goods to clients

The Canadian company is headquartered in Saint-George’s, Quebec, and attributes its success and significant recent growth to a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Despite this impressive growth, Turbo Images is still synonymous with tenacity and customer care.

“The company offers clients the best warranty in the marketplace. We ensure their brand is well exposed and that they’re using their vehicle as an asset to showcase it,” says Charles Veilleux.

With service centers across Quebec and Ontario, the company also has three sister companies that work closely together:

  • Turbo Studio
  • Lettrapub
  • Team Coach Imaging

The latter two firms were acquired during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The company holds several respected industry certifications, including MCS, a full seven-year warranty, on its eco-friendly vinyl offered by the manufacturer.

In addition to 3M platinum certification, the company also holds a G-7 certification, which ensures its color matching remains exact and unrivaled. Considering that substrates come in white and that adding lamination further distorts color, this is a complex task that requires substantial expertise.

Turbo Images equips itself with all the most relevant knowledge and technology to meet or exceed these high standards.

“Every customer is different and every branding is different, so every order is also different. We are dealing with a very custom product/service offering. So we have to specialize ourselves in meeting all the needs of our customers. We can do it with the right tools, technologies and knowledge,” says Rey.

All of Our Fleet Branding Services Are...Second to None

Our services and products include latex printing, which allows Turbo Images to work without the toxic solvent that gives the traditional printing industry a bad reputation.

This transition recently cost Turbo Images almost $2 million, reflecting the power of the company’s resolve to be the best printer in the industry and the kindest to the environment.

The Turbo Images team of 135 people is a close-knit one. For this reason, the team seamlessly pulled off one of its most involved projects to date. When Coca-Cola needed to sort of 500 trailers wrapped in next to no time, the crew stepped up to the challenge in the true spirit of the company culture.

The specifications for the project required in some cases wrapping over old artwork and working in nearly 30 different places with moving targets.

The entire project was negotiated over three days, after which it took only seven weeks to complete and deliver some quality branding again on time and on budget.

Turbo Images is now also doing a complete rebranding with eco-friendly 3M vinyl for Telus Canada‘s well-known telecommunications giant. The project supports Telus’ move toward environmental responsibility.

Turbo Images 4 Recent 3M-PMTC Vehicle Graphics Design Awards

With such fear is capabilities for speed and quality, it stands to reason that Turbo Images have won several awards over the years. More recently, it was a finalist in two categories for some of the industry’s greatest Canadian honors.

Canada‘s Sign Company of The Year (SCOTY) nominated it for outstanding work, involvement, and staff training benefits. The SCOTY nomination honored the company's sterling work on the city of Brampton‘s first fleet branding of a 40 foot fully electric nova bus LFSe.

Turbo Images' superb teamwork and talent for planning enabled the company to successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis and the unprecedented challenges that came along with the pandemic.

When the lockdown set in, the company quickly regrouped, falling back on several measures already in place, like working remotely, for instance.

Its strong marketing campaign, launched before the health crisis, carried it through measures that prevented the company from attending significant industry marketing events.

Your Most Charitable 3M Platinum Supplier

But the company is not only known for its quality service. Turbo Images is also known for its generosity, and its local region where being part of local charity organizations is a natural part of being responsible.

“We do our best to always stay involved in the community and be part of the social and economic wellness of the region, as well as supporting some of our clients' charities,” Rey says.

Turbo Images will also continue to collaborate with organizations on unique wrap projects that spread awareness about important topics, like the roadshow wrap launched by the Universal Women’s Network on International Women’s Day on March 8, to promote women in the industry.

  • The artwork features 100 accomplished Canadian women leading industries across the country. The collection of images first appeared on the cover of the publication entitled "100 Women of Inspiration Book".
  • And now has pride of place on the wrapping of the official truck traveling across Canada underscoring workplace challenges that women face.
  • The initiative aims to promote inclusion and diversity for working women. Women across the country can participate by sharing their stories on social media and adding #SupportHER.

Turbo Images Never Leaves Growth to Chance

The company’s growth plan is shared with the entire company four times every year. The driving purpose behind this routine is to ensure that everybody understands what the common goals are and exactly what is required to achieve them.

“We are all aware of what is happening at Turbo Images,” Rey adds.

Currently, the company's next goal is to nearly double revenue over the next half-decade. With such an acute awareness of the needs of global markets, as well as concern for the ecological and human aspects behind every deal, the future for Turbo Images is brilliant.

We’re proud to be featured in the November edition of Focus In Business magazine. Check out the article and photos in the publication here.

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