Traveller Confidence Returning as Demand for Motorcoach Travel Increases

19 April 2023By Turbo Images

Traveller Confidence Returning as Demand for Motorcoach Travel Increases

The motorcoach industry was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit when COVID restrictions came into effect just over 3 years ago. Despite the continued challenges to the industry, there are some factors that have 2023 positioned as a year of recovery:

Open Borders and Their Effect on the Motorcoach Travel Demand

While domestic travel is continuing to drive sector recovery, cross-border service is back, providing an affordable and convenient option to those seeking to avoid the highly publicized chaos at airports.

Traveller Confidence and Interest Levels Increasing for Motorcoach Travel

Even with inflation and safety concerns, customer confidence remains relatively high according to the UNWTO Confidence Index. Increased safety measures by carriers and a general feeling of being post-pandemic have contributed to increased demand and interest levels in travel.

Demand & Supply 

As demand and confidence return for travel by coach, the industry is still facing the loss of many operators. With travel currently at about 85-90% of pre-pandemic levels and growing, interest in coach travel will be amplified for the smaller number of carriers to serve them. For those operators that survived the downturn, this may mean re-evaluating their infrastructure and routes to meet this demand.

Opportunities for Capital Investments

Governments understand the economic benefits of tourism and commuter-based travel and have proven they see the value by offering an unprecedented level of funding. This funding coupled with new technologies are offering the chance for operators to engage in projects that expand or improve existing infrastructure to meet rising demand.

The Next Challenges that the Motorcoach Travel Industry Will Have to Face

Though it is mostly good news, safety, inflation affecting retirees, and retention and recruitment of personnel continue to be challenges for operators. Dependability and reliability will be critical for maintaining the improvement experienced over the past few years. Despite a full recovery not expected by the ABA until mid-2025, there is optimism that this year will be a big step in the right direction.