Caring for vehicle wraps in hot weather

29 July 2021By Turbo Images

Caring for vehicle wraps in hot weather

Will hot weather damage your vehicle wraps?

Of course, this is a big concern if you’re thinking about investing in (or have already invested in) vehicle wraps. Today we’re going to share some tips on how to care for your vehicle graphics in the summertime and ensure they have a maximum lifespan while looking great!

To answer your question … if you have high-quality vehicle wraps from Turbo Images, they will be produced with 3M materials and installed with the skill to withstand hot summer (or cold winter) temperatures. Ensuring our clients look incredible on the road — for many years — is one of the reasons clients stick with us.

If you choose lesser-quality materials or installers, we wouldn’t expect this kind of durability.

For example, one newer client — Mondoux Confectionery — came to us because their previous wraps (produced and installed by another fleet graphics company) were fading. We created new truck wraps for them, which are superior quality and are backed by the 3M warranty (the best in the industry). We are confident their new, beautiful wraps will stand the test of time.

At Turbo Images, we produce and install the highest quality vehicle wraps which are intended to have longevity for real life on the road. This includes hot summer months and freezing cold winter months! But in order to protect and maximize the lifespan of your vehicle wraps in hot temperatures, here are some tips:

1. When possible, park your vehicle out of direct sunlight. Ideally, you will have access to a cool, covered garage at all times — but this isn’t real life on the road. If you have the option to park your wrapped vehicle out of direct sunlight on a hot day, it certainly won’t hurt.

2. Wash your vehicles properly and don’t use cold water. When washing your wrapped vehicle, the water temperature should be 21-82℃ (70-180℉). Too-cold water can cause temperature shock to a vehicle that is already hot from the sun. No matter time of year, always follow our tips for washing your wrapped vehicle.

3. Use top-quality installers and materials — and consider UV-protection for long-term initiatives. Subpar materials and installation simply do not have the kind of longevity that will be worth your investment! Looking to make the best decision? Here are 6 things to consider when buying vehicle graphics.

No matter the season, we can assure you that if you partner with us — your wraps will look incredible and last the longest in the industry. Why? Because by understanding your needs, we are able to select the best materials for your initiative. Combine that with the best warranty on the market and you’ve got hot vehicle marketing that will serve you well into the future.

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