Automotive paint vs. car wrap—how they compare?

10 December 2020By Turbo Images

Automotive paint vs. car wrap—how they compare?

Cars have so much potential when it comes to branding and sharing your message on the road.

But in most cases, fleets of cars are underutilized. At Turbo Images, we want you to experience the benefits of car wrapping when it comes to your vehicle fleet. So today, we are sharing some benefits of car wrapping over painting.

Here are 6 reasons to wrap your car instead of paint it:

1. If you can imagine it, it can be done. Wrapping gives you so many more options than painting! And even after you have wrapped a car, it is easy to undo and redo as compared to traditional paint jobs. The flexibility of car wrapping is second to none, and gives you marketing versatility.

2. Wrapping is quicker. Painting takes longer. Vinyl car wrapping can be done in a day. Painting usually takes around a week. Vinyl means your car is back on the road fast, getting exposure.

3. Car wrapping is cheaper than painting. A customized paint job can cost you three times as much as a high-quality vehicle wrap.

4. Vehicle wraps are brighter, more vibrant, and more detailed than traditional painting. Want to look unique and stand out from the crowd? Car wrapping is the way to go. Plus, if you’re wrapping an entire fleet with a logo or marketing message, vinyl wraps will have exacting consistency.

5. Car wraps are easy to remove for resale! Not everybody will want to purchase your custom-painted vehicle. Fortunately, vinyl wraps are easy to remove, revealing the original paint underneath. This means your previously wrapped car can become a blank slate for whoever decides to buy it.

6. Car wrapping (from us) comes with a warranty. If you paint your vehicle and it chips, will it be covered under warranty? Probably not—and certainly not for the duration that we offer at Turbo Images. As a 3M Certified Platinum Supplier, we use quality materials that will stand the test of time. Our car and vehicle wraps are covered by the best warranty on the market.

Our last tip for today? When you’re choosing to wrap any vehicle as part of your marketing strategy, choose a high-quality fleet graphics company as a partner.

Want to explore the possibilities of wrapping your fleet of cars? Let’s talk.

Automotive paint VS wrapping for fleet marketing