Pierce Transit’s commitment to clean energy — highlighted with expert vinyl wraps.

Case studiesOctober 25, 2021

Pierce Transit’s commitment to clean energy — highlighted with expert vinyl wraps.


Serving Washington’s second-largest county, Pierce Transit has a long history of embracing newer, clean energy technologies to reduce pollution, so when they acquired 6 battery-powered 40-foot Electric Gillig buses — some of the first off the assembly line — they knew they wanted to announce to the public that they are powered by electricity! But how? Pierce determined that full vinyl wraps were the most efficient, impactful, and durable method to get these battery-powered buses noticed — and they chose Turbo Images as their fleet graphics provider.


Why did Pierce Transit choose Turbo Images?

The benefits of vinyl graphics over paint were clear. Before partnering with Turbo Images, Pierce had a fleet of Proterra electric buses that were branded using a combination of paint, cut-vinyl, and decals, done by another vendor. But they knew vinyl wraps would be a better choice for their new Gillig buses. Why? Since they were going for a very bold design with complex branding, they needed the high level of intricacy that is possible with vinyl. They also wanted to ensure that the graphics would be easy to replace should damage occur on the road. Vinyl wraps — and partnership with Turbo Images — would provide Pierce with an efficient process for restoring damaged buses to their full, original look. This wouldn’t be possible with paint.

Competitive pricing, proven expertise, and the ability to meet their timeline. It was important that Pierce Transit choose a fleet graphics provider who was fairly priced, had a track record of branding buses (we have 25+ years of rigorous specialization in fleet graphics), creative examples, and had the ability to meet their project timeline. Turbo met all of these needs — and then proceeded to exceed Pierce’s expectations.

“Turbo Images did a great job designing, producing, and installing outstanding wraps that vividly proclaim Pierce Transit’s commitment to a diversified and environmentally responsible fleet. The process was organized and efficient and handled expertly. Turbo was a great partner to us as we prepared to introduce these state-of-the-art buses to the people of our community.”

- Michael Griffus, Pierce Transit CEO

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