Large format digital print, screen printing, computer cut


We use only the best equipment and materials on the market to ensure your fleet graphics stand the test of time.


Fast and efficient large-format digital printing

turbo's productionIn the Turbo Workshop, our large-format digital printing department is equipped with state-of-the-art tools   that allow us to produce exceptional quality prints at outstanding speed.

Our commitment to remain a leader in our field has driven us to continuously invest in new technologies in order to optimize our efficiency. Thanks to a large, standing inventory of 3M products, the careful management of orders and our automated production line, Turbo Images can print the graphics needed to fully wrap a 53-ft. semi-trailer with in  an hour.

Turbo Images believes that a key component of our success and leadership in the Fleet Graphic Market is the high calibre of people we have on our team. To retain this standard we invest in continuous training for our employees, ensuring they continue to grow professionally and remain proud of being counted amongst the best in the industry.  At Turbo Images, the arrival of new technology goes hand-in-hand with upgrading the skills and know-how of our team members.

Turbo Images is proud to be 100% Canadian owned and to be an employer that creates good jobs in the communities in which we work and live.


Turbo Images: Your preferred ReGripp™ and 3M product supplier

We use only premium quality materials to fabricate its products, from computer cut film  and screen printing graphics to film  and large-format digital prints.

3M: Delivering A Trusted Solution

Turbo Images is one of the largest purchasers of 3M graphic products in Canada. Whether employing digital print or cut graphics, the 3M product solution is the trusted alternative to paint allowing for an impeccable colorimetric balance that is attributed to a multitude of colors and gradient combinations; none of which require overlapping. The end result for the customer, is a smooth, seamless surface with a high-gloss finish.



Re-Gripp™: Now You Can Change Your Message Within Minutes!

  • Truck banner, trailer banner
  • No Frame or screws to compromise your trailer
  • Re-usable Graphics
  • No Costly cleaning or surface damage
  • Easily installed and easily removed


An easy installation and removel with the Re-Gripp system.

Thanks to its unique patented system featuring 3M’s Industrial Dual Lock and Dual Lock Clip system, graphics printed on a Polymer panel can quickly and easily be put up or taken down.  And, there is no surface damage underneath to contend with. That is the best system for Truck and trailer banner.

The Re-Gripp system is used extensively in Europe and has been tested and approved to withstand all types of weather conditions. It allows your fleet to work even harder than normal by enabling for the cost effective installation of short term graphics over top of your trailer’s mainstream branding.

Re-Gripp products are re-usable, recyclable and very affordable. The best system for truck and trailer banner.

Contact Turbo Images; the exclusive distributor of Re-Gripp in Canada, to find out more.


The Turbo Workshop Guarantee:

The Turbo Workshop Guarantee: A fully-stocked 3M inventory, unrivalled speed of execution and rigorous quality control.