Enhance safety with reflective vehicle graphics

3 September 2020By Turbo Images

Enhance safety with reflective vehicle graphics

If you could add a higher degree of safety and visibility to your fleet, would you?

Reflective graphics are something you might want to consider, as they have multiple benefits.

  • Eye-catching graphics, day or night. With non-reflective graphics, you’re losing views at night. With reflective graphics, your vehicle will reflect headlights to result in dramatically-higher visibility. This means your message will be shared around the clock!
  • Increased reaction time. When your vehicle is wrapped in reflective film, it means other travelers can see you better and sooner. In an emergency situation, this provides oncoming vehicles more time to apply their brakes. It may also help to catch the attention of distracted drivers, leading them to react sooner.
  • Reduced accident risk and insurance discounts. Many companies see reflective graphics as an investment in safety due to their increased visibility. In many cases, this commitment to safety leads to discounts from insurance providers. (Speak to your insurance provider about if and how reflective graphics can result in lower rates.)

So, which reflective wrap material is best for your needs? From our partner, 3M:

An additional advantage of reflective wrap films is their design versatility. For reflective accents that make your logo pop or illuminate company contact information, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 680 is a great way to maximize your investment. If considering a full reflective wrap, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Print Wrap Film 780mc is specifically engineered with wider retro-reflective viewing angles for optimal visibility. It also has an expected performance life of up to nine years.

Extra tip: You don’t have to use reflective material on your entire vehicle to experience the benefit. Adding reflective graphics as accents or decals—or simply on rear doors—will help to increase road safety and marketing visibility.

Wouldn’t it be great if your marketing asset could also be a safety asset? It can! Let’s talk about the possibilities!

Truck wraps for more visibility and safety at night by Turbo Images