7 Ways to Maximize your Fleet Graphics Budget

1 October 2020By Turbo Images

7 Ways to Maximize your Fleet Graphics Budget

Have a smaller budget—but want to take advantage of the potential of vehicle wraps?

If you aren’t ready to wrap your entire fleet of vans, cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, or buses, you can still start to experience the benefits of vehicle branding.

Here are 7 ways to maximize your budget when it comes to vehicle graphics:

1. Know that some graphics are better than no graphics! You don’t need to wrap everything to start building your reputation on the road. Some of your vehicles may get more visibility than others. Prioritize these.

2. Utilize the most valuable real estate. While a full vehicle wrap is undoubtedly impressive and provides you the most ROI, some individual parts of your vehicle can make a noticeable impression. Put graphics on the back door, and/or the back third on the driver’s side. These are prime places for those with limited budgets!

3. Go flat. It’s more affordable to make smaller graphics or graphics that will lay flat. So, let’s keep it simple. Forget about wrapping curved surfaces for now.

4. Design a killer graphic. A smaller, powerful graphic is worth more than a larger, confusing one. Here’s how to design effective fleet graphics.

5. Consider cost per view—and see if it makes sense to re-allocate money from some of your other marketing efforts.

6. Look at a staggered approach. Instead of doing cheap graphics, we know it’s better to do fleet graphics right the first time, or it will cost you more in the long run. If you can’t afford to do everything now—develop a plan to wrap your fleet over a longer-term period. At Turbo Images, with our nationwide network of installers, this can be done throughout North America.

7. Most of all? Have a candid conversation with experts! Any fleet graphics company worth their salt will be able to guide you towards the best ways to maximize money and visibility.

At Turbo Images, we would be happy to help you realize the potential fleet graphics deliver. We

are confident that once you experience the benefits, it will be an easy decision to allocate more

marketing dollars to augment your presence.

Limited budget? No problem. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

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