How bus wraps can enhance your event marketing efforts

Fleet wraps can be a great way to improve your marketing efforts at events across the continent. Events like a sports match or convention are unique moments where marketing efforts can be exceptionally successful. Most of the time, advertising is a passive act. A television spot or billboard is something that customers will look at and decide whether or not to pay attention. Often times, because they are so common, viewers can tune these marketing efforts out with ease.

However, at an event, the marketing space is much more intimate. People are moving through a defined area, and are sure to pass the same place multiple times over the duration of the function. It takes a lot of coordination to put on one of these events, often requiring buses and trucks to transport the equipment necessary for the event. After they perform this duty, some may feel that fleets have nothing else to contribute, but with vehicle wraps this need not be the case.

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How vehicle graphics can help.

Rather than sitting unused over the course of the event, vehicles can be used as valuable marketing tools. Vehicle wraps can make for great mobile advertising spaces. The ideal graphic can catch the eye of attendees, encouraging them to return to the space once they have seen the rest of the event. Even if it does not achieve this level of success, strategic use of vehicle graphics can bring some additional marketing to the event.

The key is being able to design an attractive graphic that maximizes effectiveness. You should make sure that your fleet graphics are easy to take in, meaning they should cut out clutter and be straightforward. Feature your brand and logo, use an effective color scheme, but make sure you do not overload attendees with images that could take away from the message you wish to convey.

Maximizing opportunities

Just how effective can this marketing tactic be? Consider one of the most widely publicized and attended events of the year—the Super Bowl. According to Fansided, there were over 80,000 fans in attendance at the game alone, in addition to all of the events happening near the stadium where the game was held.

That means there is a huge number of people your fleet graphics could reach. By working with the right installer, you can make sure that your graphics look ready to impress at the next big event your company attends.

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