Our Fleet Assessment Program ensures that your graphics remain in top condition.

Turbo Image’s Fleet Assessment Program is like spring cleaning. Once in a while, it pays to go over the entire fleet and often, right on the spot, fix damaged decals, wrap panels or logos. Keep your fleet looking as professional as the rest of your operation acts since the condition of your trailers and trucks offers your customers a glimpse into how you maintain your corporate image.


Decals and graphics that measure up to your image

Assessement programDamaged or outdated lettering on even just one vehicle can tarnish your company’s image. Entrust the maintenance of your fleets’ graphics to Turbo Images.  No matter where you are located, we can blitz your fleet and ensure it meets your brand standards. After all, you already know that doing the little things well, is what made you successful in the first place. Let Turbo Images help you protect your investment and you can rest easy.

Our Fleet Assessment Program includes an annual evaluation of all lettering and graphics on your trucks, semi-trailers, coaches and other vehicles. You will receive a detailed report of the condition of the graphics on each vehicle in your commercial fleet. This report will contain a list with pictures of the vehicles that require replacement graphics, as well as applicable costs.

With your approval, our installers will go directly to your business locations to perform the necessary replacements of lettering and graphics. Often this work is done overnight to limit your company’s downtime.


At Turbo Images, we take pride in your fleet.

Scheduling an annual “check up” makes sense to keep your trailers and trucks, coaches and vans, looking as good as the first day they left the yard.

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